I am a Marine and I am a Constitutional conservative and like you, I want desperately to put a true statesman and leader in the U.S. Senate.

Like you, I’m tired of blind loyalty to career politicians who have done nothing but expand the size of government and create budget deficits that will take generations to pay off. Both you and I have likely voted for conservatives who tell us they are going to cut the size of the federal government and vote to reduce our national debt only to be disappointed in the end.

Like you, I have seen how career politicians end up making choices that are a reflection of how long they have been in office. We have both seen these politicians become a part of the system they set out to reform; eventually they vote to increase our debt and eventually they begin to vote for more bureaucrat control and red tape.

As a Marine, I know what it takes to defend the Constitution and so I took to the microphone to tell Claire McCaskill

As a financial advisor in the private sector, I watched Missouri families struggle with unemployment brought on by career politicians who knew nothing about free market economics or the manufacturing industry.

There is only one candidate in the race for U.S. Senate that has both the extensive background and constitutional conservative principles that we need in Washington today. For these reasons, I support John Brunner for U.S. Senate.

John is not a career politician. His motivation to serve in the U.S. Senate is the same as it was when he took the oath as a Marine: defend the Constitution.

John has created over a thousand jobs as a manufacturer in Missouri, and understands that burdensome regulations and high taxes hurt economic growth.

I’ve spoken on numerous occasions with John and as a man of faith, he will stand his ground and fight to balance the budget, cut spending, lower taxes, roll back regulations, and create jobs.

We have to end Obamacare. We have to end the reckless spending in Washington. We must preserve our Constitutional values. Join me in supporting John Brunner for U.S. Senate by casting your vote for him on Tuesday, August 7.

Freedom Favors the Brave,

Paul Curtman
USMC 1999-2009 
MO State Representative 

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