Economic prosperity follows the path of least resistance- it always has and it always will. When we keep 100% of our income, we are free to use all of it to meet our needs and wants. The more income that we loose to taxes, fees and red tape, the less economic freedom we have simply because we have less money to spend on our needs and wants. This means that the more income we are forced to surrender, the more our choices begin to narrow in the marketplace.

We might be able to spend $100 on healthcare, car repairs, utilities or food but when $25 of the $100 is taken from us, we have to find a way to make the remaining $75 meet the same needs and now we have less freedom of choice in the marketplace. If we have all of our $100 taken from us than we have no freedom over our economic choices because we have no money. 

Economic prosperity follows the path of least resistance.
Government should let people keep more of their own hard earned money rather than just paying more taxes, fees and costs associated with mountains of red tape. When people are allowed to keep more of their own money they have more freedom and more choices available to them in the market place. This drives competition which lowers prices and increases quality of products and services. It always has, it always will. Freedom works.

Janet Niermeyer
9/3/2012 02:22:17 am

Plus with the choice on how to use your own money, good people will choose to share with those in need without the burden of going thru a costly bureaucracy. It always works that way.

Justin Elias
9/3/2012 03:41:15 am

This is the truth. It is just a truth that is hard to impart to a nation where 48% of the "citizens" do not pay taxes, yet are overwhelmingly the ones that reap the benefits of those who do.


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