The Missouri House passed the Congressional Redistricting map that is a compromise of the original house map and the senate map. District 105 covers parts of Franklin, Jefferson and St. Louis Counties, Although Franklin County is split in half and will now be shared by the 3rd and 8th congressional districts, my main concern was with Jefferson county as it will now be shared by the 2nd, 3rd and the 8th congressional districts.

I would have liked to have had Jefferson (and Franklin too) be kept intact more than this so I voted NO on the amendment that effected the compromise.
The up side to this though is that Jefferson county will have three Congress members that they can lobby with.

Below is a close up of Frankln and Jefferson County
Close up of Franklin and Jefferson County
Jim Carter
4/24/2011 04:25:15 am

There isn't a way to keep counties intact in hte new redistricting? This will cost the counties more, in the custom printing of ballots, and create chaos in campaigning to voters of all parties. I'm disappointed this could not have been avoided.

Paul Curtman
4/24/2011 05:29:08 am

I agree with you, and I would have at least liked to see Jefferson county held together better than this. I understand that some counties have to be split due to the outcome of certain laws that must be followed when re-districting. This is probably not going to be the final map.

Roni Belko
4/25/2011 11:58:18 am

Paul, Will you be posting an enlarged version of the redistricted areas showing who the representatives are for each section? It would be very helpful for those of us effected.

4/26/2011 04:17:22 am


I too am disappointed at the way Franklin County has been split. Any way you look at it, because of this split, the cost for election will again increase...somthing that the Citizens will untimately have to pay for. I'm sure it has been a tough decision for all concerned, but I hope this is not the final map. Is there any hope that Franklin County will not be split or even if there is a revision, does it appear that we will be split?

Paul Curtman
4/26/2011 04:22:59 am

I do not think this is going to be the final map, right now, what I think is nothing more than a hunch. This is the last map that House had and it is possible that the whole process will wind up being done by the courts. i hope that that doesn't happen but it may.


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