For pledging healthcare and hundreds of millions of mine and my fellow Americans tax dollars to the Libyan rebels - we don't need our money. Our roads and bridges are in great shape, the border is secure, our schools produce the most educated people the world has ever seen and everyone has a job!!! You are a benevolent genius. Although many tax paying Americans might argue that we shouldn't spend money on militant Islamic regimes determined to establish a constitution based on Sharia law, I would say it might not really be that big of a concern, after all, we have a constitution and we don't use it so maybe they won't use theirs either. For a minute, I began to think that maybe we should use that money to lower taxes, meet social security obligations to those who have paid into the system or at least pay off some debt but then I totally snapped out it when I remembered my moral obligation to redistribute the fruit of our labor to people who want to kill me - what was I thinking?!?! LOL (please read sarcastically)