American Laws for American Courts ActHB 708 was heard in the Judiciary Committee recently. My bill, HB 708, would prohibit Missouri judges from rendering decisions based on any type of foreign law, legal code or system. This bill will keep judges from basing decisions on those legal systems, such as Sharia Law for example, which might deprive someone of their fundamental liberties, rights and privileges granted under the constitution of this state and the United States.

Yes, I know, you wouldn't think this would be needed, and I hope that it never is, but the more I look, the more I learn that government doesn't like to be restricted by the law. Not only has the Supreme court cited foreign law, but a Florida judge is using foreign law as well, read more about that case here.

So, hopefully, this will help to sure up confidence that if we ever find ourselves in court, the judge will base the decision off of our laws which are a representation of the will of the our people.