Today was the first day of the 2012 legislative session! The legislature convened today at 12 o'clock noon and after a prayer and the pledge of allegiance to our flag, the Speaker of the House, Rep Steve Tilley, spoke for about fifteen minutes on policy and his personal experiences as a representative over the last eight years. Now the work begins -by that I mean the work it is going to take to keep the government small, from infringing on peoples' liberty and wasting their tax dollars!

Here are some of the bills that I will be working on over the next several months:
American Laws for American Courts
Prohibits the use of foreign law in Missouri court rooms if that law would deprive a citizen of a right that is protected under the United States Constitution and the Missouri Constitution.

Sound Money Act of 2012
This bill would allow the owners of U.S. minted gold and silver coins to place their coins into a depository and be issued a debit card to make purchases of goods and services but allow the depository to sell off the required amount of a depositors gold or silver in order to cover the cost of the purchase made with the debit card. There are many benefits to this bill including, but not limited too, allowing people to use the purchasing power gold and silver by monetizing U.S. minted gold and silver coins. People with gold and silver U.S. minted coins who would otherwise not make purchases in Missouri would deposit their coins in Missouri and enjoy the convenience being able to spend  against their value without cashing them, thus driving business to Missouri merchants. 

Missouri Says Audit the Fed!
This non-binding resolution would force Missouri to take a position on the Federal Reserve Transparency bill that are currently in Washington D.C.. The Federal Reserve has been in existence for almost a hundred years and has never had a full scale top-to-bottom audit of its board of governors. The Fed is responsible for the setting interest rates and also contributes to the rate of inflation as well as the different "bubbles" we see in the markets such as the housing bubble. In order to be in compliance with the United States Constitution, the Federal Reserve needs some oversight and congressional control.

The Family Business Growth Act
This bill would allow certain members of an employers family to opt out of workers compensation insurance but they would still be counted toward the total number of employees. This way, no one will be deprived of insurance benefits that they would have otherwise received. This bill will give some family businesses the opportunity to keep more of their own money and use it to hire new employees, increase production or put it to some other use.

Student Freedom Protection
This bill will protect students rights to record lectures or class proceedings in institutions of higher learning that in some manner receive public money so long as the student does not attempt to financially profit from such recordings.

I will be working on more bills as the session moves forward and I will be sure to keep this blog full of accurate and timely content.

Freedom Favors the Brave,
Paul Curtman

Kelly Gatts
1/6/2012 08:16:04 pm

Keep it up. Have a great session and hope to catch you from time to time as we visit the capital.

Steven Douglas
1/24/2012 03:34:14 pm

The first time I saw you speak was on this YouTube video:

I shared this immediately with many fellow Ron Paul supporters, and the reaction was overwhelming and unanimous. You're a rock, or up and coming rock star of sound principles. In fact, I am not from Missouri, but you make me want to move to Missouri and into your district.

Encouraging normal circulation of hard specie will definitely encourage investment in Missouri, even globally (let alone from me as an individual), especially as Capital Flight ensues as fiat currencies become more unstable, or fail around the world. Not just the dollar, but the Euro, Yuan and anything else affected by the debauchery inflicted by central banks.

However, for as good as your bill would be Missouri's economy overall, it is also a life-saving survival measure for individual citizens, which is even more important. Having multiple competing currencies in circulation is like removing the prohibition against owning life rafts on board the Titanic. Nobody need be forced to get a life raft, but prohibiting ownership of one is criminal.

Godspeed with this issue, Paul. I wish I could help in some way. Who knows, maybe I'll move to Missouri for no other reason than to volunteer and serve as a member of your team.

2/4/2013 02:52:17 am

Interesting times...while it is important that a legislative precedent is established, when things get out of control (from an inflationary standpoint), nature will take over as people figure out very quickly how to assess fair value -- basically moving back and forth and along the barter continuum.

7/21/2013 07:55:43 pm

When a politician really stand up for the issues of his people, he will make a great leader. He has to put himself in the peoples' shoes and then has to decide what his reaction will be. These bills on Student Freedom and Family Growth are sure to be good decisions.


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